FOREX Black Panther

The Forex Black Panther was developed by 4 pairs of professional eyes.It was originally employed on a multi-million dollars hedge fund, but converted to work on a regular PC.

Finally, a professional and high-quality trading robot is available for the home-based trader.

The Black Panther is a culmination of 2 years of hard work; 2 different sophisticated strategies working in harmony inside one robot; 3 advanced money management algorithms; unique P.E.T.E technology that puts this robot light years into the future, and much much more.

What's Unique about FOREX Black Panther?

Suitable for both beginners and advanced: can operate 100% automatically on default settings or offer full advanced control over settings.

Most advanced "Triple Money Management" system: including our proprietary SMM (Smart Money Management) algorithm.

Unique P.E.T.E and M.D.P.A technologies: profit from BOTH trending and sideways markets! ses which plague other robots.

Vigilant Broker Protection Technology: Unique and robust active protection, not the usual "broker protection" found in some other robots! 

Easy installation, clear and comprehensive user guide.

Benefits of FOREX Black Panther

The product comes with a step-by-step guide which reveals all details of this elegant, simple but powerful strategy. The signal software is your personal "watch dog", scanning the market 24 hours a day looking for the setup for Vladimir's system. Thus, although you can learn the system and watch the market yourself – you don't actually need to. 

Trade Management Robot (TMR)
This tool was discovered to have the immediate effect of boosting trading results and trader confidence. Once you enter a trade, you don't have to worry about it anymore. The Trade Management Robot will monitor the trade and close it at the optimal moment (although you can close the trade manually if you like).

Customized Template
Vladimir shares his personal template which eases the use of the system and concentrates all ingredients in one place, with just one click.

Email Alerts – a unique plug-in
The email alert component sends you an email every time there's a trading setup, so you don't need to be around the computer. It will guard the market for you, and alert you as soon as a trading opportunity emerges.

Tutorial Videos
Installing and using a trading system was never easier! Every step of the way is explained using our easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

Quick Installation System
All components are installed automatically with our quick-install program. No need for the laborious "save, copy, find folder, paste, check, etc. etc." found in other products.

Other Features

Vladimir Ribakov, creator of the Broker-Nightmare Suite and sRs Trend Rider has prepared the upsell product for the Black Panther.
Vladimir has one goal in mind, to increase the quality of Forex products in the market and has already proven a major success. You can Google Vladimir Ribakov to see what people are saying or click here to read testimonials from customers who purchased his sRs Trend Rider.

Vladimir contacted me and asked to have his new system (Vladimir's Pips Carrier) as an upsell, with the intention of later launching the system independently in 2 months time.
We believe that Vladimir's reputation and the opportunity to grab such a quality product for a low price of $77 will do the trick.

Vladimir's Pips Carrier is in a fact a semi-automated system with 5 main components, each of them can be seen as a different high-value product:

Vladimir's Pips Carrier System
The system itself is based upon his proven Advanced-MACD strategy. Vladimir trades this strategy to make a living out of the Forex market. The strategy is easy to follow, and appeals to both total beginners and advanced Forex traders.

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