FOREX Black Panther

The Forex Black Panther was developed by 4 pairs of professional eyes.It was originally employed on a multi-million dollars hedge fund, but converted to work on a regular PC.

Finally, a professional and high-quality trading robot is available for the home-based trader.

The Black Panther is a culmination of 2 years of hard work; 2 different sophisticated strategies working in harmony inside one robot; 3 advanced money management algorithms; unique P.E.T.E technology that puts this robot light years into the future, and much much more.

What's Unique about FOREX Black Panther?

Suitable for both beginners and advanced: can operate 100% automatically on default settings or offer full advanced control over settings.

Most advanced "Triple Money Management" system: including our proprietary SMM (Smart Money Management) algorithm.

Unique P.E.T.E and M.D.P.A technologies: profit from BOTH trending and sideways markets! ses which plague other robots.

Vigilant Broker Protection Technology: Unique and robust active protection, not the usual "broker protection" found in some other robots! 

Easy installation, clear and comprehensive user guide.

Benefits of FOREX Black Panther

The product comes with a step-by-step guide which reveals all details of this elegant, simple but powerful strategy. The signal software is your personal "watch dog", scanning the market 24 hours a day looking for the setup for Vladimir's system. Thus, although you can learn the system and watch the market yourself – you don't actually need to. 

Trade Management Robot (TMR)
This tool was discovered to have the immediate effect of boosting trading results and trader confidence. Once you enter a trade, you don't have to worry about it anymore. The Trade Management Robot will monitor the trade and close it at the optimal moment (although you can close the trade manually if you like).

Customized Template
Vladimir shares his personal template which eases the use of the system and concentrates all ingredients in one place, with just one click.

Email Alerts – a unique plug-in
The email alert component sends you an email every time there's a trading setup, so you don't need to be around the computer. It will guard the market for you, and alert you as soon as a trading opportunity emerges.

Tutorial Videos
Installing and using a trading system was never easier! Every step of the way is explained using our easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

Quick Installation System
All components are installed automatically with our quick-install program. No need for the laborious "save, copy, find folder, paste, check, etc. etc." found in other products.

Other Features

Vladimir Ribakov, creator of the Broker-Nightmare Suite and sRs Trend Rider has prepared the upsell product for the Black Panther.
Vladimir has one goal in mind, to increase the quality of Forex products in the market and has already proven a major success. You can Google Vladimir Ribakov to see what people are saying or click here to read testimonials from customers who purchased his sRs Trend Rider.

Vladimir contacted me and asked to have his new system (Vladimir's Pips Carrier) as an upsell, with the intention of later launching the system independently in 2 months time.
We believe that Vladimir's reputation and the opportunity to grab such a quality product for a low price of $77 will do the trick.

Vladimir's Pips Carrier is in a fact a semi-automated system with 5 main components, each of them can be seen as a different high-value product:

Vladimir's Pips Carrier System
The system itself is based upon his proven Advanced-MACD strategy. Vladimir trades this strategy to make a living out of the Forex market. The strategy is easy to follow, and appeals to both total beginners and advanced Forex traders.

More Information

FOREX Tracer

The program works on all kinds of Windows versions, including the newest versions of Vista. The program has been designed by people who are professional experts of FOREX trading.

Benefits of FOREX Tracer

FOREX Tracer is a system to carry out FOREX transactions on autopilot requiring minimum human intervention. For that reason, this system can be easily used even by amateur traders who do not know much about the business. Technical knowledge about the Internet is not required either.

The system works with meta trading 4 accounts. If you don't have an account already, you will need to set one up with a broker. If you have it, you can just merge your account into the system with a simple drag and drop kind of feature.

There is a learning feature available where you can do a dummy FOREX trade without risking any capital. This is good if you are just starting out with FOREX and want to learn the ropes.

The program is globally applicable. People from all over the world can trade in this.

The program incorporates mathematical algorithms which makes the trading process much more accurate and hence, profit-making.

What's Unique about FOREX Tracer?

One of the best unique features about the FOREX Tracer is that it is a completely automated system that does not need human intervention. Because of that, even people who are just starting out with FOREX are able to understand this process quite well and even make a good deal of profit out of it.

Also, this is one of the few FOREX autopilot programs that work with intra day trading. It supports up to thirty minutes of intra day training.

There is no need of a high investment either. The nominal amount needed is $500. However, there is also a dummy trading system here which allows you to understand the FOREX trading system thoroughly before you begin.

Other Features

The FOREX Tracer is originally priced at $299.97 but for the festive season, the price has been dropped to $137. The price will rise to its original value quite soon. There is no shipping or handling charges includes with the purchase. Actually, the system is fully downloadable. Hence, as soon as the payment is made, the user is able to access the system and set things into motion. All major credit cards are acceptable for the transaction. Electronic checks are also acceptable. People can also pay through PayPal.

There are two important bonuses included with the purchase:-
i.    The FX Cherry Picker Custom Indicators is a part of the package. The original cost of this package is $299.
ii.    The second major bonus is that $500 is added to the FOREX trading account as soon as the person signs up to purchase the program.

This is a risk free purchase for all people who wish to enter into the FOREX game and make good profits here.


FOREX Funnel

This is a constant endeavor for improving their product and keeping above the competition. However, businesses won't give out their products to be surveyed by just about anyone.

Benefits of FOREX Funnel

The greatest benefit about using FOREX Funnel is that it is not really important for the user to know much about computers or even about the FOREX trading system. The system works in a very user-friendly manner making it unnecessary for the user to have deep knowledge of the machinations of FOREX.

It is an automated system. Once you install the trading bots on your computer and set up a FOREX trading account, you simply have to leave your computer on and the system will handle all the trading required.

The program will work continuously during all times of trading, including the news releases. This is a very simple opportunity for working from home. You have to only fill a questionnaire that is your opinion about the product.

The system has a very high number of daily price movements. It grabs one successful transaction and then moves it on repeatedly till a very high profit is made.

The system works with any MT4 broker.

What's Unique about FOREX Funnel?

One of the most unique things about the FOREX Funnel is that there is absolutely no learning curve here. The person can begin using the system as soon as it is installed. Within five minutes, actual trading can be started and the money can start flowing into the person's trading account. This is the benefit of it being a completely automated system that requires no human intervention at all.

FOREX Funnel provides a $100 bonus free in every account set up. This can be considered as a free start up gift.

The difference between FOREX Funnel and other automated FOREX systems is that FOREX Funnel gives a very complete and exhaustive back test report. Other companies may give their reports only for six to twelve months of market trading, but FOREX Funnel has back test histories going back to as many as 4 years. In those 4 years, the FOREX Funnel has an average earning record of more than $100,000 per year.

Other Features

The current price of the FOREX Funnel is $137, which is a huge reduction from the original price of $249.97. This is a short term discount too, which may last only for the holidays, after which the price goes back to its original value. The price is a onetime payment; there are no more payments to be made. Since it is a downloadable program, there are no shipping or handling charges to be paid.

There are also several bonuses included with the package. The single most valuable bonus is the Goldminer, which is a complete look into the trading and analysis method. This bonus is worth $500 itself, which is bundled for free with the FOREX Funnel program.

In addition, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. If the person is not satisfied with any of the claims made by the program, they can get their money back with no explanation needed for it.


FOREX Killer

The system is developed by Andreas Kirchberger, a former Deutsche Bank employee who worked as a FOREX adviser there.

Today, FOREX Killer is one of the top five automated FOREX websites in the world. The method is devised as a foolproof system to bring unavoidable trading benefits to users.

Benefits of Paid Surveys Etc

FOREX Killer is an automated system for FOREX trading. It requires minimal human intervention.

It works with all kinds of FOREX trading platforms. It is not affiliated with any particular trading platform because it is an independent program.

FOREX Killer is a global service. It can be operated from any country in the world and all brokers can operate it.

It is a completely automated system which makes it possible even for rank beginners in the FOREX trading world to operate this system..

The initial money required to begin trading is quite low. $500 is an ideal sum to begin with.

There is also a demo FOREX trading feature here which is kept as a kind of tutorial where people learn the game without putting in any of their real money.

What's Unique about FOREX Killer?

The most unique feature about the FOREX Killer is that it contains several mathematical algorithms that expertly track the FOREX trading mechanism and then decides whether the person should go ahead with the trade or not. Also, the FOREX Killer is a more user-friendly software than most others.

Unlike some of the other FOREX systems available on the Internet, FOREX Killer keeps trading for the whole day, all days of the week and all weeks of the year. It is never down. It is completely automated with minimal human intervention needed.

The only faults here are the few language glitches because Andreas Kirchberger, the developer is German, and the fact that there is no real FOREX training provided. The system works like an automaton and some people would argue that FOREX training is not required since the program handles everything on its own.

Other Features

The original price of the FOREX Killer system is $198. However, there is a discount coupon available on the website currently, which entitles the holder to a discount of 50% on the said price. This coupon is available for a short time. The coupon code is mentioned on the website. Acceptable modes of payments are credit cards (all major companies) and PayPal. There are no hidden charges and there is no further billing once the product has been received.

There are various bonuses available with the system too. These bonuses include:-
Bonus # 1 – An Exclusive FOREX eBook
Bonus # 2 – Non Farm Payroll Strategy
Bonus # 3 – Money Manager and Risk Calculator
Bonus # 4 – Additional Winning Tactics
… and a $500 deal for the purchasers to get started with their FOREX trading business.

In addition, there is also a 56 day money back guarantee to back the purchase. The purchaser is free to return the software at any time within this period and claim a full refund if not satisfied with the product.


Forex Autopilot

As the name suggests, FOREX Autopilot is a software application that does FOREX trading in an automated manner. The program has automated trading bots in a software format, which you install on your computer. You have to do nothing more than this installation but to keep your PC on. You will find that these trading bots will handle all the FOREX transactions for you all through the night and in the morning, you see that you have a swollen account!

Naturally, there is much criticism whether such a thing really works but FOREX Autopilot is genuine software released by Marcus Leary, a FOREX expert who also has innate Internet marketing knowledge.

Benefits of Forex Autopilot

The best thing about FOREX Autopilot is that the user does not have to do anything but to install the automatic trading bots and keep the system on. The bots will automatically handle all the transactions and make a neat profit for the user.

You will need to open a FOREX trading account with the broker. However, that is a very simple thing to do. FOREX Autopilot will use this trading account to make all its transactions.The people who participate in the surveys almost always get to keep the product that they survey.

This is probably the best Internet business in the work-at-home genre. The amount of money that can be done by such automated FOREX trading can be immense.

Even a nontechnical person or even a person who does not have much knowledge about FOREX itself can use this system and make a good income out of it.

What's Unique about FOREX Autopilot?

As a work-at-home business opportunity, FOREX Autopilot is completely different because it does not involve any kind of cold calling, building MLM networks, selling items, filling out forms, emails and surveys, etc. You can also say that FOREX Autopilot does not require any degree of work at all. This is what makes it unique. The whole system is an automated system.

Also, the amount of money that can be made here is immense. FOREX Autopilot has helped 8 people earn over a million dollars in the last year and a half. Even other FOREX automation applications have not been able to receive that degree of success.

FOREX Autopilot has been designed with the collaboration of a FOREX insider and a mathematician. This is what gives it the edge. The program is designed so as to place the odds in the favor of the trader. That explains the heavy income possibility.

Other Features

The entire FOREX Autopilot system is available for $99.5. There is a coupon offer going on their website right now, filling which a discount of 75% can be redeemed. The software system also gives the following free bonuses to purchasers (which are collectively worth $370):-
Bonus # 1 – Non Farm Payroll Robot Add-on
Bonus # 2 – Ultra Trend Robot

Both these bonuses are designed for professional FOREX traders who have already begun making their vast sums of money with their FOREX trading processes.

There is also a 56 day free trial on the site. If a person is dissatisfied after this, a complete refund will be given and no questions will be asked.


FOREX Avenger

This program has been designed by Dave Curran who has spent years trading on FOREX, analyzed its highs and lows and has now presented this automated system to the world.

Dave Curran's method comes with an acknowledgment from reputed names such as Old Tree Publishing.

Benefits of FOREX Avenger

FOREX Avenger is completely automated. The system does not require much human intervention and can work on autopilot. It is a completely mechanical system with an easy learning curve.

The system does not take much time setting up either. Within 10 minutes, the system is set up on the computer and is ready to be used.

The whole package contains 16 video guides that literally walk a person through the various steps of the FOREX trading and include a PDF that contain the entire strategy. In addition, there are six more video lessons that depict an example trade and how it is conducted.

The system is easy to understand by just about anyone. Even if the person is a complete beginner and does not know much about the Internet or even about FOREX trading, this program can help them learn.

What's Unique about FOREX Avenger?

The difference between FOREX Avenger and other FOREX strategies available on the Internet is that the FOREX Avenger is a tutorial guide whereas the others are autopilot systems. This guide is guaranteed to teach you about what the FOREX actually is and how you can keep a one-up on the market. While the other software applications do the trading for you, FOREX Avenger explains you what everything is about so that you can be more effective in this field. One of the best features here is the technical analysis which includes a detailed study of currency prices and their trends.

Another very unique aspect about the FOREX Avenger is that it trades only on one chart which is the EUR/USD. However, it provides extremely detailed knowledge on this single trading system which is best for people who are just learning and want to know everything about the trading game that they can.

There is an autopilot feature here, but that is only a part of the entire package. The main thing is the teaching course which contains 10 DVDs in all. It allows you to begin trading under $500.

Other Features

The product contains 10 DVDs and 1 manual. The DVDs contain various videos and trial transactions to teach people how to trade with the EUR/USD currency. The whole package is priced at a modest $97, which is a onetime payment. The original price is actually $147, and the $97 price is a short term discount. All major credit cards and PayPal is accepted for the treatment.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee with the product. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the product or even with the claims made in it, they can return the product and claim a complete refund of what they have paid for it.